Dr. Phillips
  • To the Valley Day School Community:

    On behalf of our Board of Directors, staff, and students, I want to thank you for taking an interest in Valley Day School.  We hope that you enjoy our school's website and find it user-friendly. We hope our site will help convey the many programs and services that we offer students and their families through our day program.

    The Valley Day School (VDS) is an Approved Private School (APS) licensed by the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Departments of Education and the State Boards of Private Academic Schools.  As a non-profit organization and a resource for families and school districts, we are dedicated to the education and welfare of students (ages 4-21 and in grades K-12+)  with histories of acute learning, adjustment, behavioral, and/or emotional needs that are obstacles to achieving success in less restrictive school settings. 

    VDS is a school of choice where, in conjunction with their school district, families and students choose to attend.  

    As Executive Director, it is my responsibility to create and support an organization that earns the trust of both the families we serve and our partnering school districts.   We do that by applying advanced training in Trauma-Informed Care through an understanding of the working of the human brain with the utilization of cutting-edge technology. Our efforts have made VDS a regional leader in alternative education.

    The mission of the Valley Day School is to teach students the tools they will need to lead a healthy life.  We realize that the students entrusted to our care need more than just the academic tools for reading, writing, and mathematics.  Success in today’s world calls for students to effectively interact with people, establish and meet short and long-term goals, and manage their bodies and brains to make healthy choices. Mastery of these tools is as critical for success as the academic tools we teach.

    We are confident in our ability to provide our students with high-quality, engaging, and positive educational programming and related services.  We are confident in our students’ ability to learn, experience successes within and outside school, appropriately regulate their emotions, set and achieve age-appropriate goals, come to trust themselves and others, and in so doing, take charge of their lives. 

    We believe that in order for students to do so, they must be taught the social, emotional, academic, and survival skills needed to live independently and productively with their families, in communities, and in society.  We believe that providing small, safe, structured, supportive, and caring environments where adults model and guide healthy emotional management is the best way to encourage and achieve the growth and changes we seek from our students. 

    We are grateful for a devoted local Board, and for our highly-trained, talented, and caring staff.  Most of all, we are thankful for the trust of our students (as well as that of their families and/or care providers). Whether you are a student, a parent, or a helping professional, we hope that you find the information on this website to be helpful. 

    We invite you to schedule a visit to tour our campus or to request further information to develop a more insightful understanding of our students, staff, facilities, and best practices. 

    As a school, we are always improving. We are still a work in progress! 

    Robert Phillips, Ed.D

    Executive Director