• q The mission of the Valley Day School is to teach students the tools they need to lead a healthy life. 

    Before access to FAPE was an enacted civil right in the USA for eligible school-age students with special education needs, VDS’s initial mission was to keep children (pre-k through 8th grade) “from falling between the cracks.”  Subsequently, as Special Education has changed and evolved, our mission has changed and evolved to keep pace with the changing needs of the students, families, LEAs, and SEAs we serve, as well to keep pace with the changing needs of partnering stakeholders.

    Today, our mission is to keep school-aged children and youth (grades K-12+) who have been classified as ED or NI or ASD or PDD or OHI, and who require emotional and/or academic support, and whose educational needs aa have not been successfully met in less restrictive educational environments, from “falling between the cracks.” We pursue this mission by incorporating evidence-based best-practices throughout our organization, so that VDS-enrolled students receive FAPE and IEP-fulfilling education in a safe, structured, and supportive trauma-informed learning community -- where the Sanctuary Model, the Resiliency Model, educational technology, and positive behavior support are skillfully used to provide students with the skills, tools, strategies, and experiences they will need in order to make healthy choices and to lead healthy lives both within and outside school.  We provide VDS students with a secure environment --- where they can feel safe while learning to understand their own experiences and learning how to productively change the way they respond to such experiences.