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  • 11 The VDS admissions process operates on a rolling basis throughout the school year and the summer months.  We process referrals and offer to admit and enroll students as appropriate space(s) become available. 

    Funding for each VDS student’s education, while they are enrolled at VDS, is provided by the referring LEA (e.g., a public school district or a charter school) or the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and there is no cost to parents or guardians.  Accordingly, the VDS admissions process is usually initiated by an LEA after the student’s IEP team has determined that the student is not experiencing success in a less restrictive educational placement, and after the members of the IEP team have determined that the acuity of the student’s situation warrants seeking an APS placement. 

    All student admissions to VDS comply with applicable due process mandates which require collaboration between VDS, the Local Education Agency (LEA), and the student’s parent(s)or legal guardian(s). 

    Our process typically includes steps such as the following: 

    • LEA or agency contacts VDS to inquire about enrollment opportunities for a possible referral candidate.
    • If interest continues, LEA will send VDS Administration a formal referral package containing:
      • the referred candidate’s school records (including their most current ER/RR and IEP),
      • relevant medical information, and
      • a letter on the LEA’s letterhead stationary requesting pre-admission screening by VDS to determine the appropriateness of placement of the candidate at VDS, if and when, appropriate space is available.
    • VDS intake personnel promptly review all received referral packages (initial screening) to determine:
      • whether our licensure and policies allow VDS to consider the referred candidate for admission/enrolment,
      • whether our program can implement the referred student’s current IEP, and
      • whether it appears from the file review that VDS can safely provide the referred student with the identified additional programming and/or related services that are being sought by the referring IEP team.
    • On occasion, VDS intake personnel may seek additional information or clarification from parents, or the LEA, or therapist, or agency staff who have worked with the candidate.
    • Based on this initial screening, if VDS intake personnel consider the referral to be a viable candidate for possible VDS enrolment, VDS personnel will notify the LEA of our initial finding, and the referral remains active until we anticipate an appropriate opening. VDS then contacts the LEA and parent/guardian/care-provider to schedule a pre-admission student interview/evaluation and tour.
    • Based on this initial screening, if VDS intake personnel do not consider the referral to be a viable candidate, VDS administration contacts the referring LEA with the details and attempts to assist the referring LEA by recommending possible alternative placement options.
    • If it appears that VDS may be an appropriate educational placement for the referred candidate, the VDS intake team conducts the pre-admission interview/evaluation and tour, answers questions from the student and/or family and/or LEA, and prepares a summary report outlining recommendations regarding the appropriateness of the referral and whether VDS has sufficient space in an appropriate classroom and with an appropriate peer group to fully implement the referred candidate’s IEP. Again, on occasion VDS intake personnel may seek permission to observe the candidate in his/her current school placement before making a final decision regarding student admission to VDS.
    • Based on the results of the pre-admissions interview/evaluation, tour, and other available information, VDS intake personnel and VDS Administration make a final determination as to whether VDS will offer to enroll the candidate. Their decision takes into account the following considerations:
      • Is our educational program appropriate to meet the candidate’s identified educational needs?  
      • Do we have an appropriate peer group within which we can safely address those needs?
      • Is there space available within that appropriate group?  
    • If the decision is not to offer to enroll the candidate, VDS administration notifies the LEA in writing of the decision, supplies the LEA with the details, and attempts to assist the referring LEA by recommending alternative placement(s).
    • If the decision is to offer to enroll the candidate, VDS administration notifies the LEA in writing of the decision and supplies the referring LEA with a detailed written description of tuition costs, invoicing, deadlines, and other terms and conditions governing Valley Day School’s written offer to enroll the referred candidate.
    • 11 If the family and the LEA agree on VDS as the educational placement for the referred candidate, the referring LEA must confirm in writing (within 15 days of its receipt of VDS’s offer to enroll the referred candidate) its acceptance of Valley Day School’s offer to enroll the referred candidate (including the fees and terms and conditions identified within the written offer issued to the LEA by VDS).
    • The referring LEA must supply VDS administration with a photocopy of the signed NOREP identifying VDS as the referred candidate’s educational placement, the referring LEA must supply VDS with the candidate’s original health inoculations record, and the inoculations record must meet applicable PA school health requirements before the referred candidate can be enrolled and begin attending classes at VDS.
    • Once a referred candidate is accepted for VDS admission, funding for the candidate’s educational placement at VDS is confirmed to be in place, and all required documentation has been received, a VDS Case Manager and the referred candidate’s family or care-providers and the LEA together facilitate the student’s transition to attending classes at Valley Day School.