The Valley Day School works with students in grades K through 12. We have 10 homerooms containing no more than 12 students per room. The Upper School consists of the homerooms for students in grades 9 through 12. Features of the Upper School include:

    • 1 certified special education teacher and 1 paraprofessional for each classroom.
    • Multi-grade grouping with more than 1 grade assigned to a classroom.
    • Most of the academic classes are taught within the homeroom classroom.
    • Students participate in special classes including Physical Education, Music, Computers, Art, Industrial Shop, Heath and Information Technology.
    • Participation in all state examinations.
    • Qualified students have the ability to participate a paid and unpaid work/study for up to 4 days per week.

    Valley Day provides Varsity and Junior Varsity experiences for high school students in soccer, basketball, and softball. Upper School students can also participate in sports activities in conjunction with the Physical Education Program.