• transition  The provision of tranisiton services is an intregal part of the academic program at Valley Day School.  Almost half of students in the Upper School participate is some sort of placement activity through our Transition Office. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for students to become acquainted with a wide range of occupational and education opportunities through on and off campus; paid and unpaid.

     Program Descriptions:

    • On campus unpaid education enclaves such as tutoring,assisting teachers and maintenance staff.
    • On campus unpaid educational enclaves are unpaid vocational opportunities within the school settings. Enclaves are the responsibility of the job coach and/or the transition coordinator. 
    • Off campus unpaid Education Enclaves such as a food bank, pet store, or farm.
    • Off campus paid vocational placement within the community such as McDonalds, Giant or the Goodwill.
    • Off campus paid positions are jobs that assist employers to meet their hiring need and supports job ready students to find and maintain paid employment. Paid vocational placements will be monitored by the job coach and/or the Transition coordinator, but is the sole responsibility of the student to maintain employment.

     All students considered for placement must exhibit the following skills:

    • Ability to follow multi-step directions.
    • Ability to work independently.
    • Good communication skills.
    • Ability to work with others appropriately.
    • Tolerates transitioning to placement.
    • No significant and/or unsafe behaviors demonstrated in the last 30 days of school.
    • Tolerates distractions
    • Ability to stay on task for 30 minutes with minimal prompting