Dr. Robert Phillips
  • Welcome to the Valley Day School!

    I would like to invite you to take a look at our website and find out more about the wonderful programs and services we offer in our day program to benefit our students and their families.

    We take great pride in the instructional services offered to our students who come to us with their own unique needs. We strive to provide an effective environment that can support students both academically and emotionally that cannot be replicated in a less restrictive school setting.

    As the Education Director, I am responsible for coordinating, implementing, and evaluating matters pertaining to student activities, programming, and related services. From being a High School Special Education Teacher, Supervisor of Special Education, and a Director of Pupil Services in two districts, I have experienced the wide range of student needs and worked to collaborate with my team to develop a program that would meet the individual student needs.

    My last position as a Superintendent of Schools along with my time as a Building Principal have provided me with opportunities to work with all students and staff across the district. I am excited to share my experiences of over 30 years in education with the talented staff at Valley Day School to benefit our students.

    I look forward to working collaboratively with our staff, students, and families to continue to advance the legacy of Valley Day School as a top suburban approved private school for students with behavioral, emotional, and/or autistic issues.

    I would encourage you to schedule a visit to tour our campus or call if you may have any questions concerning how Valley Day School might be an option for your child.  


    Robert E. Phillips, Ed. D

    Education Director