The Valley Day School works with students in grades K through 12.  We have 10 homerooms containing no more than 12 students per room. The Lower School consists of homerooms for students in grades K through 8. Features of the Lower School include: 

    • 10 or fewer students per classroom.
    • 1 certified special education teacher and 1 paraprofessional for each classroom.
    • Multi-grade grouping with more than 1 grade assigned to a classroom.
    • Individual access to laptop computers.
    • Most of the academic classes are taught within the homeroom classroom.
    • Strong focus on literacy, mathematics and social skill development.
    • Students participate in special classes including Physical Education, Music, Computers, Art, Industrial Shop, Heath and Information Technology.
    • Speech, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy are provided as needed.
    • Participation in all state examinations.

     The Lower School is supported by a specialized team of clinicians and behavioralists that support the age-appropriate needs of our younger students.